An avid admirer of Steve Jobs, Bhintuna Jya-poo, the proprietor of Bhav Products herself is nothing short of an inspiration. Someone who is a firm believer of hard work and determination, a true Taurean, Bhintuna started Bhav Products in late 2014 and it is already climbing the ladders to success. Bhav Products is a creative stationary supply where the products are designed and manufactured in Nepal. With its Instagram page screaming absolute goals and with its products being undeniably creative, Bhav Products definitely manages to lure people into their stationary frenzy. And of course, for all those stationary addicts out there (including me), it is quite literally a heaven.

As someone who believes in putting her thoughts into aef890f5e9f50466593adc63f0ab39c9e.jpgctions immediately, Bhintuna didn’t spend much time contemplating her idea and got to work right away. Initially, the idea struck her when she realized that there were other people who appreciated and loved stationary products just as much as she did and the paucity of such products in Nepal only fuelled her determination. Thus, the idea came into being. But as follows the norm, the beginning of any business is never smooth and she had to start the business with her parent’s help. The start-up process took around three months from designing the products, getting them printed, getting a place and distributing to consumers. In fact, only Bhintuna and her friend were involved in the entire process. And even until now, she is the only staff of Bhav Products. If this doesn’t show tenacity and fortitude, I don’t know what does.

IMG_1833.JPGBhintuna talked about the speculations and doubts that followed her when she first decided to start the business, how people would debunk the idea of certain stationary products just because they didn’t understand their true purpose and how everyone said she would end up regretting it. As someone who absolutely detests regretting and trusts her gut instinct more than anything, she started the business as soon as possible even if it meant proving these people wrong. After the first couple of months, Bhav Products slowly started gathering customers and now, especially among art fanatics and stationary addicts, Bhav Products is becoming increasingly popular. Word of mouth and social media have definitely helped this business reach its peak today.

It definitely bolsters the faith of young entrepreneurs like Bhintuna when their business is received well and especially when they start gathering regular customers. Moreover, Bhintuna mentioned how several of her customers buy each one of her products religiously and how some customers after discovering her products hug her with excitement claiming that it is exactly what they were searching for. Incontrovertibly, moments like these make all the hardships and pain worth it.

As words of advice to people who want to start new businesses, Bhintuna recommends them to not give up, trust their gut instinct and pre-eminently, remember the fact that hard work does eventually pay off but not always in money and it will still be worth it. But if in case, you fail then it will still be a learning experience and then, it won’t be a failure after all. And she reiterates her favourite Steve Jobs quote as an advice, “You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”