Fashion designing is a very new concept in Nepal, and it was very daring of Subexya Bhadel to go out of the box and study fashion designing. According to her, when she was deciding to choose which subject to study, medicine and engineering were still a very popular choice. But one fine day she stumbled upon fashion designing and decided pursue it. You can imagine the struggle a fashion designer can face in a not so fashion conscious country. But it’s her struggles that make her what she is today.

She describes the tharu culture seen in Dang district as her inspiration to start fashion designing, their apparel made her want to follow them around. Bhadel believes that we should not let go of the things we are interested in and we should research for it, and that is exactly what she did after she found out that there was a course in fashion designing. She would be very excited while attending class and opening her books and that’s when she realised that this is what she truly wanted to do, She never stopped her research though, she would surf the net and watch movies related to fashion.

Bhadel started off with a boutique named ‘crossroad Apparel’ in Lazimpat with one employee and has come a long way since then. She used to struggle to pay rent and had to do all the chores by herself. Even though her father had helped her out in the beginning, she had to work really hard to meet ends, there would be times when she didn’t even have money for thread, she would be late to deliver her orders, pay the supplier and end up having to deal with a lot of unsatisfied people. But she has come a really long way since then, now she designs for celebrities, also does mass production, designs for movies, and has designed school uniforms. She has designed for many Miss Nepal candidates, and her design won the best dress award for Miss Earth Nepal Nagma Shrestha in 2012.

She believes that the most important thing is to believe in oneself and maintain oneself. She recalls times when she wanted to give up and had almost given up and how she maintained herself. She had started off with an investment of 5 lakhs and one sewing machine, they would produce only 4-5 pieces a day and after years, now they produce a minimum of 50-60 to 200 pieces per week. She has come a long way but she has yet to believe she has done anything, she claims that she has only done a mere 5% and there is still 95% to achieve.

Bhadel is an example that dreams come true and is an inspiration to all those people who want to pursue what they love in life. She has broken the assumption of employment only in medicine or business sector and has also provided employment to a lot of people in the process.


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