The general concept these days is to finish school and get a job. Safer, but so much more difficult. This might be exactly what our parents did and since their time, billions of people have been getting employed. But Avash and his friends were daring enough to think outside the box. It is very rare to see youth to do that and especially when they havent even completed their bachelors.

It was very difficult for Avash to start up financially, because his parents were very reluctant to see his son risk so much effort, even though his mother was very supportive of this, his dad would’ve preferred if he had joined a job. But finally he was able to convince his parents and he is proudly running Maidaan today. Their initial investment was around 45 lakhs, and they’ve been able to recover it to some extent. Avash boasts that if he had joined another company, his salary would be less than half of what he gets at Maidaan.

Maidaan took around 3 months to startup and according to them the start up was smooth because of all the contacts they had. They even carried stones for the sake of Maidaan, every bit of Maidaan is pulled together like someone would build their house. He has memories of both sucess and hardship. It is the only futsal ground in Nepal without fillings and everything is accurately measured. Being football enthusiasts themselves, they were very precise about the details that went into Maidaan. Avash further plans to extent this with a LCD light board and a GoPro camera, so that people can shoot themselves while playing and so that it is easier for them during tournaments. He also plans on starting football training for kids, so that they can do something for the country in the future. Maidaan has also established a cafe that allows the players to grab a bite after a tiresome match and it also stricly prohibits smoking and drinking, so that the players have an overall good health. They’re planning on expanding Maidaan to other sports as well, first towards cricket and then maybe lawn tennis.

When one listens to Avash talk, he is truly an inspirational man, with a great horizon and a determination to what he has in mind. He believes that every person has their own creativity and we should explore them rather than doing whatever the trend is. He believes that all the great name in the world were dropouts, pointing out that its not that necessary to have a degree. According to him, we should follow our dreams and be a little crazy in order to do that. If we go abroad, some other company might get our expertise, but if we start a company here, we’ll be able to employ around 10 other nepalese.

It is commendable how much they’ve been able to achieve at a young age of 25, and judging them on the basis of their age would be a huge mistake. The cost of Maidaan turned out to be double of their estimates, but their returns are very good. And because they themselves are personally involved with Maidaan, they’ve been able to solve problems and at the same time improve as they grow.


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