Durga Khad Thakuri dropped out of school to go abroad for work, even though he had a very strong urge to complete his education he was unable to do so because of an inferiority complex that he developed when he saw that his friends were already doctors and engineers and how far he had fallen back. But rather than being beat up, Thakuri decided that even if he didn’t finish his education, he would learn a skill and achieve something in life. And with this ambition he started goat farming.

cow farm.PNG

Thakuri started with 15-20 goats and had a very good income, seeing his hard work, the VDC wanted to send him to veterinary training because they believed that he could help in the betterment of the whole village and that is how he started his journey towards cow farming. He started of cow farming with 9-10 goats, and even with those number he could earn 20-30 thousand rupees in 15 days, that is when he realized that this profession is very profitable and established his firm there, not only as a business but also as an educational center for the locals. Thakuri owns 25 cows, produces over 150 liters of milk daily and has an income of over 75000 in 15 days.

Thakuri has not only uplifted his own wellbeing but also helped a lot of locals by providing them cows at a cheap price and giving them necessary advices about raising cows. Thakuri intends on covering all the supply of Palpa and making Palpa a hub for milk and dairy products. One of the reasons Thakuri was inclined towards this profession is all the barren lands in Palpa. Many people have migrated abroad and a lot of land is left barren, he decided to plant some grass and make use of this barren land. He has currently planted different kinds of grass in approx. 70 ropanis of land. Another one of his ambitions is to bring back the old Palpa where he grew up in which maize plants growing everywhere and for this he plans to expand his firm to vermicompost as well.

Thakuri has inspired a lot of people to stay in Nepal and start their own business and given a example to the government that cow farming is very profitable, as a result of this Palpa has gotten some attention from the government and has been provided with some assistance. This has made a lot of villagers thankful to Thakuri.

Thakuri believes that it is not very difficult to start a business in Nepal, even though it may seem difficult at first, the labor will pay off and become fruitful. Thakuri is ever grateful to his wife who has always supported him and helped him which has made it easier for him to Leave the firm and also be involved in social service and help other people set up cow farming. Thakuri’s ambition to work and help others is commendable, at a time when a lot of people are being pulled aboard because of higher incomes; he has become an essential example for people to stay back and work in their own country.


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