After a long and tiring day at school, most teenagers would prefer to relax at home or otherwise, hang out with their friends. But Hemanta Hamal heads back to his farm to clean and feed his chickens. This is because, unlike most people his age, Hemanta Hamal is not only a student but also a poultry farmer. After seeing his family struggle to make ends meet, Hamal thought of ways to solve the financial problems of his family. He had heard that the business of poultry farming made good money and wanted to see for himself if it was true. Determined to turn things around for his family, he decided to open a poultry farm. He found a way to empower himself and his family and carved out a path for himself as an entrepreneur. Today, at 18, Hamal remains the proud owner of the Kalika Devi Poultry Farm.

Initially, Hamal started in a small scale with an investment of 1-2 lakhs. Hel had a hard time in managing the farm because he had no prior knowledge of poultry farming. He also didn’t know much about the other poultry farmers that he could consult with. However, as he began to learn from his own mistakes, he became more experienced. Today, the farm is well-managed and flourishing. Hamal started with 3-400 chicks in his farm. Currently, he owns about 2000 chickens. The business has recovered its investments and has been heading towards profit. The farm established with an investment of 1.5 lakhs has managed to gather above 8 lakhs worth of assets. Thus, inspired by their tremendous success, he also plans to extend the business in the near future.

Hari Hamal and Tara Hamal, Hemanta’s parents, support his work and help him in managing the farm. They take care of the poultry farm while Hemanta is busy with his school work. Hamal says that he has never once regretted his decision to open the farm. With the feeling of immense gratitude towards his parents, he mentions that he has never been behind his schoolwork or missed out on recreation because of his parents. He says that his parents are always there to take over from him when the need arises.

Hamal hardly had much help when he first started his farm but still thinks that it is wise for aspiring poultry farmers to consult with established poultry farmers beforehand. The success came to him mostly through his hard work and unwavering dedication towards his work but he advises other aspiring farmers to look up to successful farmers and ask them for help regarding the sector. Every poultry farmer needs to take proper care and build proper chicken coops, especially during the winter season as well as provide good poultry feed to the chickens, so the experienced farmers would be of great help to them in telling them what and how to do all the work. Besides that, the farmers need to work out the pros and cons before setting out to open their own farm. They should account for both profits and losses.  The government doesn’t help much and so the entrepreneur has to take care of everything from vaccination to poultry feed. They should be mentally prepared to take care of all the responsibility.

Finally, Hemanta Hamal says that success is only possible if the aspiring farmers first learn to cope with failure. Problems will surely arise but the farmer should be able to handle the situation. They should learn to be patient and calm in every situation, no matter how stressful.


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