In the present context of Nepal, the demand for milk and milk products is unlimited and is continually rising with the growth in the population. Realizing this very market potential and the huge unmet demand for milk products, Pradeep Raj Panta co-founded an agricultural farm called Destination Agro Farm, which is primarily dedicated to the production of milk. He has been successfully running the enterprise and has been involved in integrated farming for the last five years. At present, Panta is one of the most successful commercial farmers in Nepal. He is actively involved in agro-tourism, agro-enterprise and organic vegetable farming as well. In addition to that, Panta is also the Managing Director of Destination Nepal Tours and Travels, a travel agency based in Thamel.
pradeep-dai-1Before starting his own venture, Mr. Panta went to Haryana, Punjab to research about cow farming. After gathering sufficient knowledge and skills, he returned to Nepal and opened his own cow farm here by importing about 20 cows from Haryana. Initially, he established Destination Agro Farm with an investment of 27 lakhs. Later, inspired by the success and popularity of the farm, he increased the investment to 1.5 crores. Today, he owns about 80 holisten cows in his farm. There are no bulls in the farm and the cows that are present, breed through Artificial Insemination commonly known as ‘AI’ among commercial farmers. Recently, Panta has also opened a breeding center called Kafal Bote Krishi farm in Lamjung. He says that he has 4 employees and his family members who support him in his endeavors and help him in running the farms.

However, all this success did not come easy to Pradeep Raj Panta. In the initial phase of his entrepreneurial career, his farm only managed to recover the operational cost of the enterprise and did not make the expected profit. Still, instead of getting disheartened or losing hope, Panta worked harder to bring success to his farm. It was his passion and belief towards his work that made him continue his hard work and eventually lead him to succeed. Today, his farm is one of the most successful commercial farms in Kathmandu. The asset worth of the farm itself is 4.5 crores.

While many say that you cannot be involved in agriculture and something else at the same time, Mr. Panta is a living example that proves them wrong. Through his hard work and dedication, Mr. Panta has managed to gain ample amount of experience in both tourism and agriculture at a relatively young age.

img_2375Similarly, to all the new comers in the agriculture industry, Panta advises them not to depend on just the provided agricultural manuals. He feels that the best way to learn is by consulting with other start ups and established entrepreneurs about their business plans. He feels that the aspiring entrepreneurs should conduct ample research before starting their own enterprises. Finally, he adds that the aspiring entrepreneurs should be focused in achieving their goals and should never give up hope.


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