There is an unlimited demand but a very limited supply of good quality and reasonably priced agricultural products in Nepal. Realizing this very gap between the demand and the supply of agricultural goods and the huge market potential in the same sector, Mr. Shyam K Shrestha and his partners founded J B Agriculture and Livestock Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Shyam Kumar Shrestha, Mr. Mohan Malla, Mr. Dwarika Shrestha, Mr. Bir Bahadur Tamang and Ms Madhu Tamang, the proprietors of the firm, have been successfully running the business since 2060 BS. The current ventures of the business are poultry farming, cow farming, vegetable farming and goat farming.

The team started the farm with an initial investment of 2 lakhs. They had
received this money as grant money through the government’s youth self-employment scheme. Initially, they were only involved in poultry farming but gradually, by increasing their investment, they got into cow farming as well. Next, they ventured into vegetable and goat farming and became successful in all their ventures.

However, the path to success was not an easy one for them. In fact, things only changed for worse after the earthquake. Their goat farm was completely destroyed, resulting in the deaths of 150 goats in the farm. It was a terrible loss to the firm and at one point; the firm was almost closed down. They were even asked to leave their spot because of land disputes. Still, they decided against closing the firm and did not lose hope. They moved their farm from Sundarijal to Ramkot.

Truly, amidst all these hardships and challenges, they have emerged as victorious. Today, the team has leased 26 ropanis of land in Ramkot, Kathmandu in which 6 ropanis of the land has been utilized for goat farming and the remaining 20 ropanis of land has been used for vegetable farming. At present, they have 70 goats, 15 cows and 300 chickens in their farm. Their current asset worth at J B Agriculture and Livestock Pvt. Ltd is 3 crores.

With a team of such highly dedicated and skilled youths, Mr. Shrestha is confident that they will recover all their losses in no time through their ventures and head towards profit in the near future. The story of J. B Agriculture and Livestock Pvt. Ltd is a truly inspiring to anyone interested in goat farming. Instead of getting disheartened due to failures, Mr. Shrestha and his team chose to work even harder to bring success to their firm. They are truly passionate about their work and believe that the combination of hard work, faith and patience goes a long way. The road to success is not smooth, so the aspiring goat farmers should have passion for their work. Mr. Shrestha adds, “Managing a farm can be frustrating at times due to risks and failures but the passion for work is what keeps you going. It may feel difficult to cope at first but eventually, the hard work does pay off and becomes fruitful.” They believe that failures are essential to success and that failures only make people more experienced.


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